• One-on-one shamanic healing sessions:   Although I cannot speak to the manner in which your own
    healing might unfold, I can tell you from personal experience that the road back to health is often a very
    long and arduous one.  For some, this process will involve very deep and extremely difficult work over an
    extended period of time.   During one-on-one sessions lasting approximately two hours, I work with
    each person who comes to see me according to his or her own specific needs.  If you have any questions
    or would like to set up an appointment, please e-mail me and I'll be happy to talk with you.

  • Shamanic Journeying Work:  The shaman  travels equally between the physical and spiritual worlds.  
    He may journey to consult with a Spirit Guide, Teacher or power animal for the purpose of advice,  
    healing, or to learn some form of ritual.  Either through one-on-one sessions, or through shamanic
    journeying circles, people are introduced to the process of shamanic journeying, and begin to experience
    the benefits it may have to offer them.  For those already familiar with this process, advanced journeying
    work is also available.

  • Medicine Walk - Prayer Circle: The Medicine Wheel teaches us about the interconnectedness of all
    things.  As each season brings its own special energy to the cycle of the year, so too does each direction
    of the Medicine Wheel bring its own prayerful energy to the Sacred Hoop of Creation.  East, the direction
    of Springtime, brings us vision.  South, the Summer, is the place of passion and emotion.  West, the
    Autumn, manifests itself in the physical.  This is the place where we go within to do our sacred work, and
    bring that work outward into the community.  North, the Winter, is the place of the spiritual, and of
    realizing the fruits of our labors. Participants are invited to journey through the four directions of the
    Medicine Wheel as together we carry our prayers through the East, South, West, and North in the true
    spirit of individual and communal healing.

  • Drum Healing Work: For thousands of years, cultures from all over the world have embraced and
    celebrated the power of the drum as a way of individual and communal healing. Whether in group
    settings or individual appointments, sacred drumming sessions allow us to move beyond words and find
    emotional release through deeper rhythm.

  • Distance Work: While I do prefer to work face to face, for those dealing with travel restrictions due to
    time constraints, health reasons, or lack of  transportation,  I am often able to offer distance healing
    work.  If you have any questions or special concerns, please  e-mail me and we'll see what we can
    arrange for you.

  • Shamanic Teaching:  Sometimes people approach me seeking to learn the teachings I've been shown.
    While I am certainly more than willing to pass on what I've learned, it is the shared responsibility of the
    teacher and the student to make certain that both parties involved are fully committed and ready to
    undertake this journey.  If you or your group have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me and we'll
    work together to determine the path that's best for you.
StandingWest, LLC
Journeys into health. . .
Services Offered
The techniques described on this website are not intended as a form of - or replacement for -  
conventional medical or psychological services.  They can, however, work wonderfully in tandem
with Western medicine.  If you have any preexisting medical or psychological conditions, or are
currently undergoing treatment of any kind,  please consult with your physician before considering
this type of work.
Please  e-mail me if you have any questions.  I'll be glad to set up a time for us to
discuss your  needs.