StandingWest, LLC
Journeys into health. . .
These are some of the ways we in which gather to honor, strengthen, and heal our community:

Medicine Walks:
The Medicine Wheel teaches us about the interconnectedness of all things.  As each season brings its own
special energy to the cycle of the year, so too does each direction of the Medicine Wheel bring its own
prayerful energy to the Sacred Hoop of Creation.
•  East, the direction of Springtime, brings us vision.
•  South, the Summer, is the place of passion and emotion.
•  West, the Autumn, manifests itself in the physical.  This is the place where we go within to do our sacred
•  North, the Winter, is the place of the spiritual, and of realizing the fruits of our labors

Join us for a prayerful walk around the Medicine Wheel as we honor each of its directions with humility and

Shamanic journeying Circles:
One of the most powerful tools in the shaman’s repertoire is the drum.  Also known as the “Shaman’s
Horse”, the drum carries the shaman to the spirit world to consult with spirit guides, power animals and
teachers.  Such journeying is often done for the purpose of personal and communal healing by receiving
information while in meditation.

During the first half- hour, we will cover the basics of shamanic journeying for anyone not familiar with
the process.
If you are not experienced in Shamanic Journeying, you MUST be present for this.  
Please e-mail me if you have any questions.

Then, after a brief welcoming ceremony, we will take a preliminary journey using the drum to carry us. A
brief group discussion will follow. Then we’ll continue with additional journey work.  Based on the group’s
intention, this may include exercises such as The Shaman’s Walk, group journeying, partner journeying,
narrated journeying, or other activities.

Attendees are requested but not required to bring a drum and/or rattle, notebook and pen, and
something to cover their eyes with while journeying.

Drum Healing Circles:
For thousands of years, cultures from all over the world have embraced and celebrated the power of the
drum as a way of building and healing community. Drumming circles allow us to move beyond words and
find emotional release through deeper rhythm.

We invite you to bring a drum, a tambourine, a rattle, a rain stick, or anything else you might have and join
the joyful noise.

These circles are not only a way for us to play our hearts out, but also a way for us to harness some of
that wild energy and focus it through healing drum techniques.

We drum for love.
We drum for life.
We drum for each other.

Private Sessions:
For those seeking help or teaching, I also offer private individual or group sessions.  Please e-mail me
regarding this or any other questions you may have.